In the Agreement, references to any law shall include references to any statutory modification or re-enactment therefore to any regulation or order made under such law, statute or enactment (or under such a modification or re-enactment).

Apex Crypto Options, allows access to its web page and users related services by any individual or corporate entity (herein after referred to as the Investor/Client) according to the procedure on the terms and conditions described below.

In the Agreement any reference to an individual person includes corporate entities, unincorporated associations, partnerships and individuals. Headings and notes in the Agreement are for reference only and shall not affect the contents and interpretation of the Agreement.

The Apex Crypto Options website is available in English Language. The English version is the original version and the only one binding on Apex Crypto Options ; it shall prevail on any other version in case of discrepancy. Apex Crypto Options  is not responsible for any erroneous, inadequate, or misleading translations from the original version into other languages unless communicated to users.

The Agreement becomes effective as of the date  the Investor opened an investment account and transferred funds to the Company’s account(s) to ensure minimum investment deposit.




  • Apex Crypto Options reserves the right to amend this Agreement thereby agreeing to send a notice to Investors via E-mail about its amendment at least 2 business days prior to the effective date of these amendments.
  • Apex Crypto Options would not be held responsible for non-fulfillment of any obligations involving quality of online communication of information to an Investor terminal or use of information, platform, software and interface of websites which do not belong to the Apex Crypto Options.
  • Investors are notified and agrees that Apex Crypto Options cannot be held liable for Investor’s actions during conversion operations. Responsibility for investment and trading account monitoring is the Investor’s duty.
  • All rights and obligations of Apex Crypto Options and Investors represents a long-term commitment, which remains in force up until Apex Crypto Options receives an Investor’s notice of termination of this agreement or closing his Apex Crypto Option’s  account.
  • Any market recommendations and information communicated to an Investor by Apex Crypto Options  and its representatives do not constitute as an offer to make operation/transaction.




  • Individuals below the age of 18  are not allowed to participate in financial trading, therefore can not use the services of the Apex Crypto Options.
  • In case of double registration of the same Client, Apex Crypto Options  has the right to cancel duplicated registrations, cancel opened positions and withdrawal requests. All duplicated accounts will be frozen for investigation purposes.
  • Any actions/error committed by an investor which destabilize Apex Crypto Options’ business or  performance of the Company’s services, equipment, or software may result in the Company’s refusal (on the basis of private law) of servicing the Investor’s current investment/trading account and cancellation of all investment orders, with full refund of the remaining deposit. Apex Crypto Options  would notify the Investor about the reasons for the above decision.
  • Information  provided to Apex Crypto Options  are true and correct.
  • He or she shall notify Apex Crypto Options  about any changes on information uploaded.
  • Apex Crypto Options may request from Investor a confirmation of accuracy of the personal account data for a due diligence and in the event of a withdrawal request. Apex Crypto Options may request an authorized copy of the Investor’s ID and the document proving his place of residence. Inability to provide requested documents may result in the  refusal (on the basis of private law) of servicing the investor’s current needs and cancellation of all trading orders, with full refund of the remaining deposit. Apex Crypto Options  must notify the Investor about the reasons for the above decision.
  • The e-mail address submitted is not used by anyone. Any and all notices, requests, complaints, and information received from this address are considered as sent by the Investor.




  • Investors shall fund their  investment account within 90 calendar days from the date of its opening in an amount not less than define terms for the type of account (minimum initial deposit).
  • Apex Crypto Options  has the right to close/cancel an account with the balance less than 1 cent (one-hundredth of a US dollar), if the above account balance existed for more than 90 calendar days.
  • Investors may request withdrawal of funds from their account in the amount not used to cover the margin, but not more than current balance.
  • Investors must place a fund withdrawal order using the Company website’s interface. Apex Crypto Options  is not responsible for any third party access to the Client personal information and withdrawal orders. Once an order has been received, the withdrawal amount may be deducted from the Investor’s investment account.
  • In some cases deposits may take up to 24 hours before verification and approval.
  • Investors will be given the Company’s  wallet address to make investments deposit to his/her Apex Crypto Options  account via the Company’s website.
  • Apex Crypto Options  cannot be held responsible for the funds transferred using crypto wallet address different from current wallet address in the website. Apex Crypto Options does not offer investigation and refund of Investor’s payment and cannot credit these funds to Investor’s account balance.
  • Apex Crypto Options  reserves the right to reject a request for withdrawal in case of an explicit intention to exchange Investor’s funds from one payment system to another.





  • Investors bear full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of trading account access data, and must ensure that third parties cannot access the trade terminals. Investor’s losses and risks associated with the restoration of access to the trading account imposes no obligations on Apex Crypto Options, other than to provide new access data to the Investor after identification procedure.
  • Investors understands that the risk of suffering trading losses may be quite significant therefore Investors must analyze their financial capabilities before engaging on trading operations
  • Investors agrees that the company cannot be held responsible for Client’s losses caused, directly or indirectly, by the government restrictions, restrictions of foreign exchange or market rules, suspension of trading, military operations, or other conditions usually called the ‘force majeure circumstances’ which lie beyond Apex Crypto Options control.
  • Investors realizes that he/she may completely lose his all initial funds and any additional funds used when trading on the market.